For The 1st time in Kingdom of Morocco

Embark on a transformative journey where, in just 3 Months, you will emerge fully equipped and ready to embrace new challenges. Your training is designed to be swift yet comprehensive, ensuring you're prepared in record time.

Only 3 Months, Training Course

Gain full readiness in a concise 3-month training period.

Better Chance

SkyCrew students are given the priority access to the assessments and will be given preference during the selection process of our clients’ airlines.

Ask The Recruiter

exclusive for SkyCrew students only. Students get to ask tips and advice to successfully pass the assessments.

SkyCrew Aviation Program

We are SkyCrew, 12 years of aviation experience and Thousands of graduated Cabin Crew .

Join SkyCrew Team make amazing memories with your new colleagues and friends as you take off on your new and exciting adventure.


  1. Above 18 years of age. 
  2. Moroccan Nationality 
  3. Ability to swim 
  4. Height between 157cm and 188cm
  5.  Comfortable speaking and writing in English

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